Friday, July 1, 2011

14 Karat 7"s from Goldshop

New releases now in stock from Goldshop!

14K-7-001 - Sluggy - Too Chatty Chatty
14K-7-002 - Mikey General - Your Sound a Loafter (previously unreleased, circa 1989!)
14K-7-003 - Sluggy - Another One Bites The Dust

After a long break, Goldshop is back with some digital heat for the summer. While DKR has been busy issuing the best early 80's productions from Mikey 'Karat' Jarrett's catalog, Goldshop continues their campaign of bringing you the best of '80s digital dancehall from New York producers, and mines these gems from the 14 Karat catalog. One of our all time favorite NY artists, there are two great Sluggy tunes on killer digital stepper style riddims, circa 1989/1990. These were only ever released on 12-inches on the Flynn & Flynn label in NYC. Add to those, a wicked soundboy tune from Mikey General, circa the same period. This one is on a rugged hip-hop influenced digital lick of the skylarking riddim with killer bass, and is previously unreleased, and unheard until now. Only the finest in 14 Karats from the Goldshop!

Sound clips are below:

Sluggy - Too Chatty Chatty

Sluggy - Too Chatty Chatty VERSION

Mikey General - Your Sound a Loafter

Mikey General - Your Sound a Loafter VERSION

Sluggy - Another One Bites the Dust

Sluggy - Another One Bites the Dust VERSION